Dear Chronic Oversharing Parents of Facebook,

      Did you post on social media the first ultrasound of junior’s penis, how about the car ride to the hospital to deliver him, his first diaper, or his first jar of baby peas?    Then this blog is for you    I’m going to tell you a secret way that you can overshare your cute kid (Junior from now on) and earn clothing, toys, money and stop annoying your facebook friends.  Some shops even offer a steep discount for photos of junior wearing their product.

There is a huge shop small movement going on in the world right now, and Instagram is ground zero.  These small shops do not have the budget to hire photographers, models, and marketing agents but they do make beautiful unique artisanal goods.  That’s where you oversharers come in.  These small shops will often exchange these goods for use of photos of junior wearing and playing in them.   You (junior) will become their brand representative, or brand rep as it is called on instagram.

So how do you get started, you ask? (That is the main point of this blog – but heres a quick overview)   Make Junior his own instagram.  I suggest not using full names, a cute nickname would work well here.  I started using my personal instagram and eventually moved my little rep to his own dedicated account.  Start posting Junior’s photos.  Photography, posing and styling are  good subjects to study up on and it will come, but candids showing your child’s fun unique personality work so well.  Learn about hashtags, and tag your photos with applicable tags.  This will help you build an organic following of like minded parents and shops.

After you have a wide assortment of instagram photos of Junior, essentially a modeling portfolio, comes the fun part the Brand Rep Search.  The brand rep search is basically a modeling call for small shops.   Search the instagram hashtag #brandrepsearch or simply follow the instagram account to find the most current searches.  Different shops have different age groups and requirements for their search.  Most require some sort of repost and a specified hashtag for your photo submissions.  Some of these searches are huge with thousands of submissions, others are small with a handful of entries.   Start small, pick a brand that you would enjoy promoting and that Junior will enjoy their product.  Follow the rules for the selected search and wait for the brand’s decision.  It is important to remember that Junior will not be a fit for every shop, and not take it personally.  

When the small shops makes their selection, they will direct message you with their terms and conditions.  Read these conditions clearly, some even send a full contract.  You should research this brand very closely before you sign the contract and give your home address for the goods (stranger danger!).

After you agree to these terms and receive the shops goods, it is time for the work.   Post clean clear photos of your little brand rep Junior enjoying the product.  Post often and tag the small shop.  As you learn the small shop brand rep world, combining brands and styling becomes fun and bigger small shops will pay you to use their products.

Brand repping on Instagram is fun but it is also work with deadlines and commitments.  But parenting is expensive and every little bit helps.  Then there are the small shops that you are helping promote and feed their family.  It’s such a win win for both parties involved.  


An oversharing mom now earning toys, diapers, blankets, clothing, shoes and more on Instagram


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Camera nerd and crunchy mama to three - you can find me on instagram at @faustisland

6 Responses to Dear Chronic Oversharing Parents of Facebook,

  1. Love this! Thanks for creating a website focussing on sharing the secrets of brand repping! Not much information out there so this really filled a gap 😀

  2. Miss Chris says:

    Love it! There is no better return for an oversharing, small shop loving mom than brand repping- that’s for sure.

  3. Sydnie says:

    Love that you have created a place for other rep moms to ask/give advice and get great ideas to help them become bigger and better in this crazy fun rep world!

  4. Great post Amber! I love the creation of this brand reppin blog, facebook group and instagram page! 🙂

  5. Please remove my son’s photo in the promotional picture for ofb apparel that you have posted on your website / IG account! I will file infringement / copyright violations on you through Instagram if you do not remove these photos because you did not receive my consent to post my child on your website or your IG account! Please take care of this as soon as possible before further issues arise!

    • mm Amber says:

      This is so funny. I just saw this months later. YOU gave OFB apparel permission to use your child’s photograph and OFB apparel asked us to share the post. File whatever you’d like. It’s not like instagram will do anything about it.